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Merch Updates from Your Shoppe-keep!

Bethalynne🌻 Updates on merch: I’ve been moving slow the last few days. Still recouping from my blood infection.

🌜 I have a few invoices I still need to put together. I apologize for the delay. Orders are going into the post tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) so if you’re waiting on one keep an eye out for tracking emails.

🌜 The Isidore Tarot will go up on my shop tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) at six pm eastern. It will have a short backordering window when in stock decks are sold out.

🌜 A few Lydia Tarot decks will also be available. I’ll add the link to ordering the companion grimoire as well. 🌜 My Stevie Nicks portraits will be available as an 8×10 print Monday the 8th at 6 pm eastern as requested. Signed with gold leaf detailing.

🌜 Please bear with me, I’m working at half steam. Have lovely day and I hope you adopt a deck. 💙 🌛😷🌜

👉 Please check out my tees! Sales go to my medical fund.

👉 I have a GoFundMe page asking for help from anyone who is so willing. I am very grateful to you. All donations go strictly to a very large medical debt. 😊 But a tee 👕 will give you something nifty to wear and all of the proceeds go into my medical fund. 💚🦋