Read Me – July 2018

Good morning! Or afternoon. Or whenever. It just happens to be my early morning as I add this note.

In my never ending quest to make my shoppe easier to navigate and use, I’ve updated the previous somewhat clunky shopping cart theme to a new one. I hope this will make use of the site easier on all devices. I’ve also created a proper catalog of all the items we sell, regularly, through sales, or seasonally. Within each listing is an outline of how that item is normally sold, upcoming sale dates, and what the cost of that item generally is.

At the moment the three items that are currently available for sale will take you directly to our Paypal account to complete your order. This is temporary while we get a secure server certificate for the site to better protect any information that flows through it. Once we have that and have the new shopping cart up, all orders, US or otherwise, can easily be made through the site itself.

I’m about to switch everything over to this new cart. I like to put up a temporary notice though just to warn of potential misdirected pages or any such hiccups that happen when giving a website a complete site overhaul. So far everything has been working alright and I haven’t encountered any glitches. Fingers crossed!

I have a few more pages to get updated, like the sales schedule. I’m still working that out with my calendar. Otherwise what remains is just getting all our products into the catalog, which is time consuming if nothing else.

That is all. Remember you can stop by our Ghostblog at any time for updates to the site or to be updated on how a sale shipping is progressing. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!