About Bethalynne and The Attic

Bethalynne BajemaBethalynne is a Michigan native who spent much of her early life chasing the fae around her grandfather’s nearly mythical fairy tale garden. Where the fae weren’t calling, the strange shadows in the closet were whispering. When it was finally suggested that she kindly bring herself down from the clouds (and out from those dark places) she turned her expansive imagination towards capturing her characters and their worlds through writing and drawing. The latter has led to her having a notable career as a professional artist for the past twenty years.

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. was founded in 2013 as a small family business with Bethalynne as the main manager of the shoppe. Our first product was her third original tarot deck The Isidore Tarot and the shoppe has grown steadily since then. After Bethalynne’s unexpected move to Ohio with her husband the shoppe became more of her own personal baby. It has flourished with new tarot decks, a vast collection of OOAK creations, and unique designs.

In the autumn of 2019 Bethalynne went into multiple organ failure and was admitted to the hospital for a very long stay. She has always dealt with certain health issues throughout her life that have caused her a compromised immune system. In this case the reasons for the failure weren’t quite as clear as even though she was in the hospital being treated, her health never began to thrive. The culprit was eventually found but by this time she was in permanent end stage organ failure. After regaining some of her health she was placed on the national transplant list and is currently awaiting a double transplant.

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. had a bit of a break during the last few years with our concerns far more with Bethalynne’s health than that of the shoppe. Now Bethalynne finds herself in a position with limited resources and medical debt that steadily grows more overwhelming with every day. So the shoppe has been reworked a little and gone into a partnership with a third party provider that oversees all of our apparel and other various products. They provide the order fulfillment and make sure our customers are getting their items in a timely manner. More unique items like our tarot decks, OOAK items and handmade jewelry are still available but only when Bethalynne’s health is on the upswing. Managing extreme medical debt in America is a very hard beast to tackle. Your support of our shoppe goes towards that debt and helping Bethalynne maintain the ability to continue getting the things she needs such as her prescriptions, which are one of many out of pocket expenses.

Bethalynne, seeking out ways to help increase her income to help with her debt, has also taken on other projects that she can work with even with her health issues. She has published a Patreon account that focuses more on her writing, projects as she sees them to completion and a variety of other things she can easily offer through her computer. She has also began a series of themed art and writing collections called Eucalyptus & Honeysuckle which are offered through Amazon. These wonderful short books of her work have no defined schedule for when they’re published–it’s more of a when she completes a collection it’s offered up for sale scenario. We invite anyone who has and continues to enjoy Bethalynne’s work to give both a moment of your time and see if they’re something that interests you. All profits from these endeavors are put right back into Bethalynne’s medical bills. There is no amount of thanks and gratitude we can offer for those willing to help her at this time.

Bethalynne and all of us offering a hand with her shoppe thank you for taking a moment to read this and we hope we see a few of you over at her Patron. Below is a brief list of the items that have been scheduled for the coming months and what you can expect. Thank you all. And as Bethalynne says: stay safe, stay good to each other, and live your very best moments always even when times are a bit tough.