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Gift Boxes for October

The Attic Shoppe Gift BoxesI have a variety of different Lydia gift boxes that will be available October. They include handmade tarot boxes, the new hardbound companion grimoire, resin art, and a little of this and that. The coffin box pictured here contains my mini Lydia decks. The boxes with the regular sized Lydia decks feature my new gold edged Lydia Tarot cards. Each box comes with a artist signed card. Prices will vary according to size, what the box contains and how much time and work I put into creating the included items. I have posted samples of a few of the boxes on my shoppe’s instagram account. Someone has requested dibs on this particular box so most likely it will be sold the moment it is posted, but I have many more for the month of October. Whatever I have left will continue to be sold throughout November for Christmas. 🙂 I will try and put up a couple of days notice before offering a box.

And a head’s up for the end of the month – I’m having some much needed oral surgery as one of the last steps to go back on the organ transplant list. I’m not quite sure how long it’s going to take me to bounce back so if I get a little slow on communication I will try my best to have my husband help me keep up. Thanks for understanding!

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Merch Updates from Your Shoppe-keep!

Bethalynne🌻 Updates on merch: I’ve been moving slow the last few days. Still recouping from my blood infection.

🌜 I have a few invoices I still need to put together. I apologize for the delay. Orders are going into the post tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) so if you’re waiting on one keep an eye out for tracking emails.

🌜 The Isidore Tarot will go up on my shop tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) at six pm eastern. It will have a short backordering window when in stock decks are sold out.

🌜 A few Lydia Tarot decks will also be available. I’ll add the link to ordering the companion grimoire as well. 🌜 My Stevie Nicks portraits will be available as an 8×10 print Monday the 8th at 6 pm eastern as requested. Signed with gold leaf detailing.

🌜 Please bear with me, I’m working at half steam. Have lovely day and I hope you adopt a deck. 💙 🌛😷🌜

👉 Please check out my tees! Sales go to my medical fund.

👉 I have a GoFundMe page asking for help from anyone who is so willing. I am very grateful to you. All donations go strictly to a very large medical debt. 😊 But a tee 👕 will give you something nifty to wear and all of the proceeds go into my medical fund. 💚🦋

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New – The Black Ibis Tarot

The Black Ibis Tarot by Bethalynne BajemaIt’s been awhile since I’ve offered The Black Ibis Tarot, however, after several requests I have twenty decks available. First a little introduction.

In 2008 I began work on my first graphic novel. It was quite frustrating because I knew how I wanted to present the story and I knew how I wanted it to look…. I just didn’t have the technical skills to do it then. So I worked on the story itself and drew up crude layouts for the nine part graphic novel as I hopefully would see it illustrated eventually. I also began working on the abstract performer portraits that would serve as cabaret artwork within the story. This took time but it ended up going far smoother than the illustrated story. This is how my Sepia Stains Tarot was born.

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Mermaid Literary Society

The Mermaid Literary Society by the Attic Shoppe Trading CoAre you a reader? Swimmer? Do you think life really does take place at the bottom of the sea? Then you’ll love our Mermaid Literary Society design! This is one of our most popular designs and comes in two variations. Pictured here is the artwork and the other design features the Mermaid Literary Society logo. We’re adding new products featuring this artwork each week with more from our reading mermaids to come! You can see all of our reading mermaid designs here.