We have to close Bethalynne’s shops right now and put some of her blogs into hibernation. She has gone into liver failure and is being fast tracked for a double transplant. Right now she spends much of her time sleeping and writing when she is awake. Given that her co-pay medical bills are getting steep, I trekked into her workroom and packaged up all the items that were ready go out. If it’s not packaged and listed, it’s not available. I can’t accommodate requests and I’m not sure when the shop will open again. I will add items as I find them. There are a few OOAK items from Halloween that weren’t put up for sale. I’ll see what is involved with offering them. Thank you for understanding our current situation. Sale is here. When time permits I will be adding Beth’s Redbubble and Threadless shops that have quite a few items and prints that you can take home.

You can keep up with Bethalynne here.
Thank you for all of the support you’ve shown Bethalynne over the years.