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05-30-2019: May just soared right by me. The Attic Shoppe has been quiet this past month. My schedule has been a wonderfully difficult balancing act between care for my father and getting her to her appointments, and then caring for myself and getting myself to all my appointments. The fall that still haunts me has been bothering more and more these days. My vertigo has been becoming increasingly more pronounced as well as my memory issues from that original tap to my noggin. And my knee has just been getting progressively worse. But thankfully with my spiffy new doctor who has been attacking my many conflicting issues head on, I am getting help. I have physical therapy for my knee, as well as pt to try and help my vertigo, and then more pt to help increase my memory issues. I spend more time with my physical therapist than my husband these days. I am making progress, though we’re determining if I need to have knee reconstruction surgery. At any rate, setting all those fun things to the side, to make things simple for the time being I’ve not added anything new to the attic shoppe. To keep things from getting confusing I’m selling my decks strictly through my Attic Cartomancy blog for now. Isidore decks, both regular and spring editions, are available again. Lydia decks are available on backorder – I can’t keep them in stock. My other decks are available here and there as I can get them printed. Other shoppe stuff will be available again in August. So for now, head on over there if you’re looking for decks. 🙂

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. – Around the Attic in 80 Pages – Coloring Book
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co., a fantastical place that offers even more fantastical wares, invites you to take a tour of their Attic world in 80 pages (or more) – coloring book style! Visit places where fairies can be found hiding within the blooms and tea bats sore in the sky above as they balance their tea cups on their heads. Visit a butterfly circus and swim with mermaids. Take a look into hidden corners of the world we’ve seen. And let us introduce you to the most unique of all delivery services thought lost to vintage times. The automaton Bly acts as your host through this brief tour of our Attic world and all the many things we have to offer. And now we invite you to add your own colors and style to our ready to color Attic pages. Purchase on Amazon.
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. - Around the Attic in 80 Pages


The Attic Shoppe Trading Co