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02-03-2019: This is a rather somber post where I don’t refer to myself as a shoppe of people as oppose to being a one woman (for the most part) operation. I have to right now though. My dad called me frantic this past week because she (fyi my dad is transgendered) had been suffering pain after the flu that had not calmed itself. She has a type of arthritis that has caused her spine to fuse. She thought she was dying and was panicked. We got 911 to her apartment (she is in Rhode Island with her partner, a few states from me) and they took her to the ER. She was incredibly weak when she visited me and showing all of her 79 years this past December. I’ve been worried about her. Thankfully she got help and is now in a RI nursing home while I figure out how to get her to some place local to me in Ohio.

So I have to apologize by saying this has preoccupied some of my time. It has not, however, kept me from working on my IGG campaign perks or my orders. Mostly I printed up shipping labels that are going out a few days later than expected. I’m working in cycles. I know I am a business, but I do have personal things that slow me down. I am just letting visitors to my site know where orders are (I am addressing them) and why there is a slight delay. It’s basically learning how to juggle. So I wanted to note that. Promised deck sales will go up in a week or two. I don’t want to further put myself behind. Thank you for understanding. Good vibes are appreciated.

01-25-2019: First post for the new year! I’m about halfway through my IGG perk fulfillment. I’ve begun pulling together orders from my black Friday/cyber Monday sales. The Lydia Tarot decks will be available again the end of next week. Other than those updates, the Attic is pretty quiet at the moment. Other decks will be restocked next month. Till then, I hope you’re enjoying your new year and staying warm!

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. – Around the Attic in 80 Pages – Coloring Book
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co., a fantastical place that offers even more fantastical wares, invites you to take a tour of their Attic world in 80 pages (or more) – coloring book style! Visit places where fairies can be found hiding within the blooms and tea bats sore in the sky above as they balance their tea cups on their heads. Visit a butterfly circus and swim with mermaids. Take a look into hidden corners of the world we’ve seen. And let us introduce you to the most unique of all delivery services thought lost to vintage times. The automaton Bly acts as your host through this brief tour of our Attic world and all the many things we have to offer. And now we invite you to add your own colors and style to our ready to color Attic pages. Purchase on Amazon.
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. - Around the Attic in 80 Pages


The Attic Shoppe Trading Co