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10-08-2018: Happy screw Columbus day. Just an update to say that I am working on the orders that came in the last two weeks of the last Isidore sale. I should have everything into the mail between Thurs and Sat. I had a bit of a surge in last minute sales at the end of September and had to order more decks/books, but books are here and decks are arriving in the morning. Given that I have my IndieGoGo campaign going on right now for the Lydia Tarot’s debut, the Isidore deck probably won’t go back on sale till the new year. I will fully admit the last two Isidore sales were high volume and have been taking quite a bit of time to get packaged and off to their new homes. It was a bit overwhelming and I am doing my best to manage demand and how quickly I can cover that demand. Though thank you! Demand is not a bad thing. 😉 Maggie is covering the inbox this week, so if you want a confirmation on the date your deck is shipping please feel free to drop us a note and she can look it up for you.

10-01-2018: It’s finally October!! *does witchy happy dance* I’ve been making up for my lost autumn of last year (when my infamous attic stairs of doom accident occurred) and have already hit the apple festival, apple butter festival, and visited Brown’s farm several times for pumpkins. I’m serious about the autumning this years. 🙂 Updates for this week include the Tea Bats Lenormand going on sale Wednesday until Halloween. The autumn packaging for the Isidore Tarot will be available briefly then as well. And today I’m making spirit boards for our seasonal Halloween decorations. The Lydia Tarot pre-ordering is still going on over at IndieGoGo. The deck funded the second day into campaigning and now we’re not too far from hitting our first stretch goal. More to come.


or pick up our lovely standard size

The Tea Bats Lenormand – On Sale Oct 3rd to Oct 31st – Ships first of Nov

The Tea Bats Lenormand

Pre Order the Lydia Deck w/perks at IndieGoGo Sept 13th thru Oct 31st

This sale is now over. We’re getting decks to their new homes. Thank you for ordering!

The Isidore Tarot Third Edition Pre-Sale

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. – Around the Attic in 80 Pages – Coloring Book
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co., a fantastical place that offers even more fantastical wares, invites you to take a tour of their Attic world in 80 pages (or more) – coloring book style! Visit places where fairies can be found hiding within the blooms and tea bats sore in the sky above as they balance their tea cups on their heads. Visit a butterfly circus and swim with mermaids. Take a look into hidden corners of the world we’ve seen. And let us introduce you to the most unique of all delivery services thought lost to vintage times. The automaton Bly acts as your host through this brief tour of our Attic world and all the many things we have to offer. And now we invite you to add your own colors and style to our ready to color Attic pages. Purchase on Amazon.
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. - Around the Attic in 80 Pages

The Isidore Doll Size Tarot is back! 🙂 Click for details.

The Isidore Tarot Doll Size Deck


The Isidore Tarot Third Edition Isidore Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition Isidore Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition
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