About the Attic Shoppe

The Attic Shoppe Trading Company The Attic Shoppe Trading Company The Attic Shoppe Trading Company The Attic Shoppe Trading Company

The Attic Shoppe Trading Company is an artist owned store and art studio. We offer a variety of unique items that feature our shoppe’s original artwork and designs. Currently we sell through our online shoppe here, various online sellers, and attend genre conventions and events throughout the year. Our designs feature fantastical themes with a special love of Neo-Victorian, Art Nouveau, Steampunk, and all things Halloween. Our current specialty is tarot decks and art prints. The decks and art you find here you won’t find anywhere else!

Our shoppe and studio was founded October of 2013 by an aunt and niece with the desire to offer our unique items in a more organized fashion. Our first major product was the introduction of our Isidore Tarot deck, which gave us a wonderful boost in popularity and helped us expand our shoppe products throughout 2013 and 2014.

Since then we’ve been refining our products and our shoppe. Above all else we strive to offer unique items that are well made and thoughtfully packaged. We take great pride in the presentation of all of our shoppe products, as well as making sure to add those little touches to an order to make it more special for our customers. We always listen to our customer’s feedback and do our best to continually improve.

Since mid-2015 our little shoppe has seen some changes and growing pains. The Attic was divided a bit when the shoppe proper moved to southern Ohio with Bethalynne and her husband Myke at the end of 2015 to be closer to his family after a family loss. Now she’s a solo worker bee buzzing about our attic cobwebs at all hours to keep up with demand. The demand is our growing pain. Our most popular card decks are very hard to keep in stock. There are worst problems for a small shoppe to have! The family is still tapped when events happen in Michigan (the pirate manning the table during a Detroit convention was actually Bethalynne’s brother enjoying his first genre convention and his girls are often our well dressed shoppe minions) and we’re always there to support one another even though we’re scattered about now.

So that is a little bit about us and The Attic Shoppe. We have a FAQ you can find at this link that answers a variety of frequently asked shoppe questions. You can also meet our resident family artists here and see a gallery of their work. It is their art you will find on our products as well as Bethalynne’s designing hand behind their creation. We have a shoppe blog found here that offers monthly updates and a little of this and a little of that, including product previews or what the current OOAK project happens to be. Lastly, to make things quick and easy we also have site map here with direct links to all of our merchandise. We have so much stuff sometimes things get overlooked in those attic cobwebs! We’re glad you found your way to our corner of the haunted aetherweb and we hope you visit us regularly!

Bethalynne (artist & niece), Mirabai (certified Practical Magic aunt), & sometimes Maggie (editor & wonderful volunteer mail room minion)

UFRL Fairy Prints One of a kind hat pins Limited edition packaging for the Sepia Stains Tarot The Attic Shoppe Shadowbox parts The Isidore Tarot mini edition