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New – The Black Ibis Tarot

The Black Ibis Tarot by Bethalynne BajemaIt’s been awhile since I’ve offered The Black Ibis Tarot, however, after several requests I have twenty decks available. First a little introduction.

In 2008 I began work on my first graphic novel. It was quite frustrating because I knew how I wanted to present the story and I knew how I wanted it to look…. I just didn’t have the technical skills to do it then. So I worked on the story itself and drew up crude layouts for the nine part graphic novel as I hopefully would see it illustrated eventually. I also began working on the abstract performer portraits that would serve as cabaret artwork within the story. This took time but it ended up going far smoother than the illustrated story. This is how my Sepia Stains Tarot was born.

Within the story itself the citizens of the underground who are the keepers of knowledge are not allowed to openly express themselves or practice their true magic. There are a handful of things the ruling class allow to appease them and astrology and the tarot are among them. A wise old man takes it upon himself to commission two tarot decks that both hold special meanings within each of their cards. On the surface they just look like the performers in the cabarets, but underneath it is known these performers are the priests and priestesses of old who quietly continue the old ways in secret. The two decks act as a type of chess-like game for settling disputes and making decisions the hidden faction cannot do in the open.

In 2010 I was quite quickly learning new illustrating ways with my digital work and finally my first book of nine was coming together. I was collecting a large bit of new artwork to work with that I decided would work well for the second tarot deck in the story. This is how the actual Black Ibis Tarot was born. I had my two decks and the first book in my story complete. I was a happy camper.

Around the same time I was beginning to deal with greater health issues than before and I was finding it harder and harder to keep up with everything going on in my life. Then my computer died in a very sudden and spectacular way. I was left with only aging back-ups of my Black Ibis graphic novel stories and it took me a few years to actually piece back together. It was somewhat moot for the moment though. I didn’t have the computer power to continue the type of illustrating I was doing. I had my two tarot decks though and I focused on them. They gained their own lives separate from the graphic novel they were born from.

Since that time the Sepia Stains Tarot has become a collectable because I rarely have it in print these days. This is the first new printing of the Black Ibis Tarot in probably four years? This is the third edition of the deck. The first edition was only the major arcana and my original printer was a bit bad on the cost to paper quality ratio. The second edition was a full deck still in the smaller size – more like a bridge deck size. This is the third edition offered on a more standard tarot size with some color correcting and design tweeks to the card artwork. Visually it is one of my favorite decks. Creatively I was able to direct some of my models within it and that was a first and incredible. You can learn more about the deck and the lovely individuals who took part in it over at my blog Attic Cartomancy.

The sale begins Thursday evening the 23rd at 6pm eastern standard time. Decks are, as always, first come first nabbed. I have the decks and companion books on hand so they should be ready to go into the post shortly after purchase.