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The Lydia Halloween Doll Tarot

The Lydia Tarot Halloween Edition

Good afternoon all! I hope you’re doing well. Normally, when about to post one of my darker items, I tend to hope you’re all out there wearing black. However, given we’re all melting these days a nice reflective white might suit you a little better in the sun. My latest addition to my updated storefront is from Halloween 2021 – Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumn Scenes Halloween Doll Special Edition. These are tiny (I mean tiny!) versions of the regular deck that come in their own dark & cute little coffins with a companion book with matching cover. While this is not a limited edition, it is a special edition I plan to sell mostly around autumn time. You’re in luck this week though!

I am currently battling this towering monster named medical debt and I’m going through all of my existing stock to see what I have on hand to sell to help knock a lil off the top of that beast. I have ten doll decks left. They will become available Monday at 6pm eastern. First come first nabbed. As I have them on hand they should be ready to go into the post shortly after purchasing one.

So hopefully a few of you are in the mood for a dark tarot novelty and decide to adopt a wee deck and give it a new home. I thank you in advance! You’ll find the listing on the front page of this site when it becomes active. Now have a wonderful day and try to stay cool.