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Urban Fairy Rescue League

The Urban Fairy Rescue League

Once upon a time the very place you’re sitting now was a forest, or jungle, or maybe even a desert–it all depends on where you’re reading this from. The Attic sits upon a former forest and we know there was once a thriving fairy population here. Every now and then we see them peeking around the edge of a tree or looking up at us from under the deck. Some good folk in *Orange Moon Downs long ago decided the urban fairy could use a little help. Fresh flowers, thriving plants everywhere and taking care of our trees in urban areas–and sometimes giving the fairy folk a little help when they get lost in all the concrete and buildings of our modern world. This is how the Urban Fairy Rescue League was born.

The UFRL have sanctuary green houses all over this world and they’re ready to take in fairies and fae in need, sweet and grumpy alike. They have their own army of helper fae working with them. The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. designed its own line of UFRL merch to help these wee gweebers with their task. So now you can proudly support your local UFRL by displaying their fairies and causes on all your beautiful things! This is one of our more popular collection of designs that is suitable for all ages. You can explore all of our various UFRL designs and products here!

*Orange Moon Downs is a fictional town in Bethalynne’s young adult series Snapdragon Tea. The Urban Fairy Rescue League was born there as well and is an active part of the ongoing stories and anthologies of the series. You can learn more about that at her site Orange Moon Tea Society.

The UFRL has it’s own site that will soon have a variety of related things on it. In the meantime, The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. also recommend these groups who are helping conserve the things we hold dear in our hearts and stories: