The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. Halloween Gift Boxes


Looking for something dark and spooky to give your favorite boo-friend? Or maybe just a nice Halloween gift for yourself! The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. presents to you our new line of gift boxes. The box includes a handmade one of a kind coffin box holding a Lydia Tarot mini deck and a resin art skull. Other neat items are soaking salts that include sea salts, herbs and flowers among other lovely and macabre bottles of secret things all tucked away in a Halloween box of dread. Scroll down for complete details.

This item has sold. But don’t worry! I have several more unique boxes to offer for this Halloween season. Follow my shoppe on instagram for updates and previews of upcoming sales. @eucalyptus.honeysuckle

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I’ve spent a few years now unable to truly embrace Halloween and offer the Halloween things I’ve planned for. My Attic Shoppe Halloween Gift Boxes are one of those things. Thus box includes:

  • The Lydia Tarot Halloween OOAK Coffin Box: This little spooky cutie is a handmade coffin shaped wood box. I spent the summer putting these boxes together. It has a unique design on top and antique style latch. Inside is a wrapped Lydia Tarot mini deck with two tiny resin skulls made by me.
  • Hardbound OOAK Companion Grimoire: The new version of the Lydia Grimoire is a hardbound book. The grimoire for this box goes one step further. I’ve made unique covers for the books out of wood and material to go along with the look of the box contents and decorated the front of the book to match the coffin box.
  • Resin Art Skulls: The box includes one large one of a kind art skull and one mini art skull. Each are unique and lovingly made by me. There might have been bats flying around while I was decorating them, it was a strange night.
  • A Collection of Potion Bottles: The larger pictured bottle holds a mixture of sea salts, soothing herbs, and flowers for that extra special touch – perfect for a relaxing autumn bath. The smaller bottle is a two cup staple of my Snapdragon Tea stories — Batnip Tea. The tea is made by my lovely friend and kitchen witch Kate Henriot Jauw. It’s a nice combination of black tea and mandarian orange flavors. It is wonderful for siping tea on an autumn evening.
  • The Black Envelope of Dark Things:And lastly a collection of stickers, scrapbooking pieces, and mini prints of my darker and Halloween themed artwork. All tucked away in a menacing black envelope with all things held safely inside by wax seal.

All of these things come tucked away in a art covered black box that is reusable. Though I only have one of this particular box I’ve made many more OOAK gift boxes that I will be making available throughout autumn all the way up to Halloween.