Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find (hopefully) quick answers to your questions. This FAQ has been given an overhaul to reflect some changes we’ve made recently. If you don’t find your answer here please feel free to contact us. Maggie or I (Bethalynne) will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Quick Answers

  • When will this deck be available?
  • Do you ship internationally now?
    • Yes, to most locations. Ordering instructions for international customers can be found with product listing.
  • Do you offer wholesale options?
    • Yes, but with minimum orders. More info below or contact me directly.
  • Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
    • Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final and we do not offer exchanges.
  • More detailed information below

How do I buy this deck or when will it be available again?

To keep up with demand and to make sure this shoppe-keep doesn’t go nutty trying to keep up, I now offer nearly all my decks through timed sales. Basically I’m using the crowdfunding approach on a smaller level. A deck goes on sale for a limited time and you can pre-order it. At the conclusion of the sale all the materials that are needed are ordered and there is about a two week turn around for it to arrive here. Once everything is here I take a few days to get everything organized. Then I begin packaging and shipping. I give myself four weeks to make sure all orders are delivered. Normally shipping is much quicker, but I like to have that wiggle room just in case.

This is a schedule for up coming deck sales. It lists when the deck will be available for pre-order and the estimated start of delivery. This includes seasonal sales and any upcoming actual crowdfunding campaigns. I’ve also made catalog listings for each of my decks and they include all deck info in one place. My more popular decks like The Isidore Tarot and The Tea Bats Lenormand will be one sale more often than my slower moving decks like The Black Ibis and Sepia Stains Tarots. If you are wanting to place a large order for multiple different decks just contact me and I can work with on that.

International Orders

I offer international shipping but not to all destinations outside of the USA. On ordering pages a contact form is provided where international customers can send a shipping inquiry for their destination and what they want to purchase. I can more accurately calculate your shipping and send you an invoice if you’d like to continue.

These are a few quick tips for international shipping: If you’re getting one of our tarot decks and you order just the deck/book option, we’re able to package that in a large envelope and it weighs less than a pound. This keeps shipping costs down. I’ve found shipping deck/book to UK and the surrounding areas is between $12 and $12.60 USPS international first class post. For France it’s $14.60. In Canada it ranges between $9 and $11. It varies greatly elsewhere. Shipping charges do start to jump up once the weight of an order is above a pound and has to be shipped in a box.

In the event you want to have multiple decks shipped internationally and perhaps one isn’t currently available, just send me a message and I can work with you to make your shipping funds go as far as they can. There’s not much I can do about the costs of shipping, but I do try to find ways to ease that pocket-book boogeyman where I can.

Ordering and Order Confirmation

Currently I’m using Paypal’s shopping cart for my store. When you order you’ll be taken to a Paypal screen to finish your order. All of your ordering information is processed through Paypal, which is a secure third party payment processing website. They provide me with your order and shipping information. The Attic Shoppe has no access to your credit or debit card information. You will receive an email notice from Paypal with your transaction information and payment confirmation as a receipt.

On our end we receive an email notice of your payment with order information. Once we receive your this you’re added to our ordering queue and you’re sent an email with order notes from our email address. This isn’t an automated process. One of us (Maggie or I) has to look over the order information and send out an email. So during the week please allow up to twenty-four hours for your order confirmation notice from our site. If you order on the weekends you will most likely receive this email on Monday if Maggie is not covering the shoppe’s inbox.

Refunds, Exchanges, Damaged Items

All one of a kind items and deck sales are final. We do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns on these items.

All orders are insured when shipped so that if there is damage during the shipping process a claim for damages can be filed with the shipper. If your package arrives damaged, when at all possible, it is best to open it at the post office so damages can be witnessed. When at home, please document the damages to your package and the items inside to help with filing the insurance claim. From there we can work out replacing the damaged item.

Attic Shoppe items/designs purchased through our third party affiliates have their own return policies. If there is an issue with your order contact them directly to address the problem. If you find the quality of any of the items you order from our affiliates to be poor or you have continuous problems with dealing with them, please let me know. I’ve purchased many things through these places and this is why I like using them. Hopefully your experience is good as well. But if not, it’s good to know.

I thought this shoppe was bigger?

This one is new! Yet I’ve been getting it a lot lately. I thought perhaps I should address it. I keep updating profiles and about pages for the attic but I know a few of them still reflect the original and slightly larger collective of ladies we had working around here.

Hi! I’m Bethalynne–picture me waving my hand at you frantically like a nervous bunny thumps a foot. 😉 The Attic Shoppe used to be me, my aunt, and some helper minion nieces who helped out when needed. That was back in Michigan. Now that I am newly married and living near my husband’s family in southern Ohio, my previous helpers are not on hand to help. I have a local friend Maggie to help me out with some of the inbox overflow, but mainly, I am the Attic. And now, ha! My workshop space is actually located in the very long, comfy attic of my new home.

Over the last two years I’ve been refining the shoppe and how I offer products to address being a solo seller who has a few very popular items. There has been quite a bit of trial and error and lots of blog reading on how to improve. At the end of the day I love what I do, I love the things I offer, and I want my shoppe to be the best place it can be for my customers even if there’s only one slightly eccentric shoppe-keep rattling around in it. I want to keep it professional yet always personal. So… small shoppe with big dreams. 🙂

~ Bethalynne, updated August 18th, 2018