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The Attic Shoppe Trading CompanyDuring my last hospital stay, in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, I designed new branding for my shoppe. So you will see a few slight differences around the site. There will be no major shake-ups that would cause the site to not work properly – though if you do encounter something just shoot me an email with the issue. Thank you!

Autumn is fast approaching and it is my number one selling season. For the past few years I’ve been in the hospital for one reason or another this time of year. I wasn’t able to take advantage of all my ideas I have for my products, like gift boxes. Not this year. This year I’ve finally been able to get some of those ideas into the real world. I’ve spent the summer making things and I’m very excited to share them. You can see samples and get updates on my new shoppe instagram profile @eucalyptus.honeysuckle ~ I have been told that name confuses people because of my shoppe and tarot blog titles. Eucalyptus & Honeysuckle is the legal name and umbrella under which all my projects fall into. The more you know! 😉