Welcome to the Attic Shoppe!

UPDATES: For regular visitors to our site you’ll notice a few drastic changes to our design. We’re updating our shoppe catalog to our second version. We’re hoping this design will be easier to move through our site and find items quickly. Our updates should be done shortly. If you encounter an error page we apologize. It should be corrected shortly.

Our summer into the autumn has been a chaotic time of back and forth between our Michigan home and with our family in Ohio. We’ve weathered through surgery, preparation for a major move and the loss of a dear family member. The onslaught of so many events in a small period of time has taken its toll on our little shoppe and we’re currently working to get things back in proper order again.

We made our final move from Michigan to Ohio this month and had a small bit of downtime due to hiccups in our internet/cell service and some of our products being routed to our old address and needing to be forwarded to us here. We’re getting that all sorted out though and have begun to fill our Halloween Tarot deck orders. We hope to have all orders filled within the next two weeks.

Our Etsy shoppe is currently down. We have an Etsy bill to catch-up with and after we do that we’ll be closing the shoppe down for the rest of the year to focus on our actual website. This will be noted on our profile there when we bring our bill up to date this week and can edit the shoppe settings. We apologize for those who prefer using Etsy. We’ll have the shoppe back up there in the new year.

We thank our customers for being most patient with us as we deal with these few issues. If you need to contact us, get an update on your order or anything else please use our contact link above to send us a message. Thank you!