Frequently Asked Questions

If your inquiry isn’t answered here please feel free to contact us. 😉

Shoppe Statement: We’re happy to reserve open edition items for our customers. We cannot guarantee any limited edition, OOAK, or clearance sale items. We stress a policy of first come first served on these items to make potential purchase fair for all of our potential customers. If you wish to purchase an item of limited time or edition you must do it at the point of sale. Thank you for understanding.

— You can always reach us through our contact page. We check our email throughout the day and try to respond to incoming messages as quickly as possible. Emails for our site will come from Make sure to check your spam folder in case our reply has been sorted into it. Emails can be testy little intangible beasts and sometimes they don’t reach their destination. So when in doubt please send us another message in case the first one, for whatever reason, didn’t reach us.

Limited Edition Items & Last Chance Items
–We understand our items sell out quickly and sometimes getting something from our shoppe can prove difficult. We apologize for that. We’re a small shoppe that can only maintain a small inventory. You can always contact us to reserve an open edition item. Items that are limited edition or last chance sale you can write about as well, but we can only set them aside for a day at best. We have too many people who try to tie up these items until they can get them and this is not fair to other customers. WE WILL ONLY RESERVE OPEN EDITION ITEMS. Thank you for understanding.

Order Confirmation/Emails
— Upon ordering you will receive a confirmation email from Paypal with your order information and transaction number as well as from our webmistress(at) address (This is not an automated response – this is when we get and start to process your order). Please check your spam folders if you don’t see this confirmation email. When your order is ready to ship you’ll receive a shipping notice email from our Paypal account when we create your shipping label that contains your tracking information. There may be a one to two days difference between creating your shipping label and when we’re able to drop your package off at the post office. We ask that you allow between 24 and 48 hours for your tracking information to catch up to your package.

Shipping Times
— We try very hard to get orders out as quickly as possible. Items that we have on hand in our studio are typically shipped within a day or two of purchase. If the item in question needs to be ordered or drop ships from a third party, then shipping times may vary. Estimated shipping times for individual items are listed on their purchasing page. Are you trying to purchase something last minute? We can’t promise we’ll be able to accommodate last minute shipping needs but please, contact us before you order and ask. If we can we will.

How long will my delivery take and what is considered delivery confirmation?
— Delivery times vary and are listed by item on their product page. When an item is marked as “delivered” via the USPS tracking information we consider that transaction complete. O.O.A.K. and specialty items (like our spirit boards) ship with signature confirmation. When you sign for that item the transaction is considered complete.

Order Inquiries
— Currently our shopping cart processes payments through If you have an order issue contact us and please include your order info from our site, your receipt information and the email you used for the order to make look up quicker. You can contact us through our shoppe form here. Please note “order inquiry” in your subject line. Please include details about your inquiry.

Shipping Information/Destinations
— Unfortunately our items are only available for purchase in the US at the moment. We are expanding our international shipping though and should have new info for that up shortly.

Returns or Damaged Items
— We do not currently take returns unless otherwise noted in the “Product Description” at the bottom of our product ordering pages because each item is different. Full details of this policy is included in our Terms of Service. We do want to make sure our customers are satisfied with their order, so contact us when there is an issue and we’ll see how we can work through the problem.

If your item is damaged during shipment it is insured and we can help you through the USPS process for damaged goods. Please contact us within three days of your item’s delivery. If your shipping box is damaged in any way make sure to photograph this before opening it, or even –when possible– take it to the post office before opening so a clerk can witness the damage and help file a damaged item claim.

Some of our items, such as third party items (tee shirts & other novelties), are purchased through a company outside of our own business. Defective items must be dealt with directly through them. Again, contact us through our website’s contact form and we can help you through the process. Also, if you don’t like the quality of the item you received from that third party please let us know so we can re-evaluate if we’d like to continue using their services. At the moment we’ve heard nothing but good reviews for products bought through our affiliates programs.

Sold Out:
— With our shoppe the sold out sign pops up a lot with our items, especially with our decks. On the wonderful side (for us that is) our items tend to sell quickly. For our customers this means every now and then there is a wait for an item to become available again. We apologize greatly for this. Even as we’re growing the demand for some of our items is high and we are trying very hard to keep up. Please note that unless an item is listed as limited edition or one of a kind we will restock that item again. Using the The Isidore Tarot as an example – we just can’t keep this deck in stock. As soon as we get decks they’re gone. We will always restock it though, so if it pops up as sold out please know that it will be available again. You’re welcome to contact us to reserve a deck if it’s listed as temporarily sold out.

Shoppe Notes:
— We love our shoppe as we love the products we offer to the world and we hope you love them too! Our desire is to offer the best customer service and shopping experience as we can. We set up shoppe online in 2013 and since then have been continuing to learn how to improve upon this. We love feedback, suggestions or just letting us know what your experience with our shoppe has been like. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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