Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find (hopefully) quick answers to your questions. This FAQ has been given an overhaul to reflect some changes we’ve made recently. If you don’t find your answer here please feel free to contact us. Sometimes there is only one person manning our inbox so please understand it may take us a little longer to answer your inquiry.

The Isidore Tarot will be available again for sale August 1st, 2017. This will be a three week sale. Details below.

Deck Questions

The question we get more than any other is when will a certain deck be back in stock. Because of the demand of our decks and recent changes to our printers bulk pricing, we’ve had to make changes on how we offer the decks. Please read through this portion of our FAQ. It should answer any questions about purchasing a certain deck.

— Our deck printer has changed their bulk pricing and we are no longer able to order our small batches of decks twice a month to have them available for both our online and local event customers with regularity. This also means we cannot continue offering the print on the demand option either. We will now offer decks through pre-sale for a specific amount of time. We’ll make a deck available for purchase for three weeks and when the sale concludes we’ll have decks printed and then shipped.

— We will let our customers know in advance the dates of upcoming sales and for which deck they’re for. You will be able to find this information here, through our blog, and by joining our mailing list.

— Our deck sales will go in the order of The Isidore Tarot, The Tea Bats Lenormand, The Black Ibis Third Edition, and so on. Sale times will be listed as we work them out. Thank you for your patience!

Art Print Questions

Is this print available? Most of the artwork we have on our site is available as an open edition 8 by 10 inch matte print. We have so many pieces of art at our disposal many of them simply haven’t gotten the buy now button treatment yet. Contact us with a description or link to the art you’d like as a print and we can go from there. 8 x 10 inch open edition prints are $10 plus shipping and handling.

Does this artwork come in a bigger size? Our artists’ work comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Some sizes and styles are limited edition. Right now we mostly sell limited edition prints (such as giclees or canvas prints) through events or art shows. Since the move we haven’t begun the hefty process of creating an inventory for what prints we have on hand. If something catches your eye but you’d like it larger or as a more traditional fine art print please contact us and we can see what is available or what we can print. Prices for this will vary.

Do you take commissions for artwork? We do! When time permits. Myke and Bethalynne both have impressive portfolios as cover artists and for privately commissioned work. It is only a matter of what you’d like, what you have to invest in it, and how busy our artists are at the moment. Contact us with a description of what you’d like created and the budget you’re working with and we’ll go from there.

General Shop Questions

Order Confirmation: When ordering an item through our online shoppe you will receive an order confirmation from our Paypal account with your transaction information. You will also receive a secondary email to let you know we’ve received your order and are processing it. Our email address uses our url. If you don’t see this confirmation email make sure to check your spam folder.

Shipping Times: Shipping times vary by product. Expected order packaging and shipping times are listed individually for each product. Please refer to that when ordering. Most of our items are shipped priority through the USPS so once they’re dropped off and scanned at the post office delivery times are typically two to three days.

Tracking Info: All of our packages come with tracking information for orders within the US. International orders do not have tracking options once the package leaves the US unless buyer requests a service other than USPS. You will receive an email from our Paypal account with tracking info when your order is ready to ship.

My Order is Damaged: As part of our packaging process we take a time-stamped photo of the box contents of an order with its shipping label. This allows us to quick reference what was shipped and its condition leaving here. If you have an item that looks like it has been damaged in shipping it’s best to document the damage before opening the package. Every order has shipping insurance so that any damage that occurs during shipping is covered. Please contact us as soon as possible when this occurs and we can help you through the process of filing a claim with the post office.

Order Issues/Transaction Completion/Refunds: Please contact us within three days of receiving your package if there are any issues with your order. Transactions are considered complete when tracking information declares an item has been delivered to its destination. Some of our items are non-refundable. This is listed in the item’s product information. All other refundable items are refundable no more than thirty days after delivery. If you have any issues we’re always willing to work with you to resolve them, so just make sure to contact us so we can help.

Restocking/Sold Out Products: Our items that are listed as one of a kind or limited edition are marked as sold out when they’re gone. This will be noted in the item’s product information and it will not be restocked again. Other items, such as our open edition decks or art prints, when marked as sold out this simply means we’ve run out of our on hand stock.

Reserving an Item: As a small shoppe we do tend to sell out of items quickly and we know not everyone has the extra funds on hand when an item of ours becomes available. You’re welcome to request to reserve an item or to be placed on a specific item’s list to be notified when it’s available again. Please note that for most items we can only hold a reserved item for one week. This is to be fair to other customers who are waiting on that item as well. Our reserve lists are first come first listed. As mentioned at the start of the FAQ, our decks will now be sold through timed sales so if you’re unable to get the item then, we’re happy to put you on a notification list for when it goes on sale again.

Hopefully that answers the majority of our current questions. As I always say, please feel free to contact us when your question is not answered here. Please keep in mind that I’m alone manning the inbox right now and I am trying to get back to people as quickly as possible. I get quite a few inquiries for the Isidore Tarot alone on any given day. So I’m not being slow and mule like, I’m just swamped. 😉

Bethalynne | F.A.Q. updated 07.5.2017

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