Special Decks

The Attic Shoppe is well known for our tarot decks but we also have a variety of other deck styles. Be it a petite lenormand deck, an oracle deck, or just a deck of traditional playing cards we have our own take on them as well as having a few new ones in the works. Below are links to our available decks and a sneak peek at the ones in progress.

The Tea Bats Lenormand – See Full Deck

The Butterfly Circus Lenormand – See Full Deck
Attic Cartomancy - The Butterfly Circus Lenormand

The Motor City Steam Con Playing Cards
Attic Cartomancy - The Motor City Steam Con Playing Cards


The Nameless Deck: So named because as of yet it’s nameless. 😉 These are a few designs Bethalynne has started that feature John Waterhouse paintings remade into new scenes (much like our Halloween Tarot) with each beautiful creature sporting the elaborate headdresses Bethalynne is known for. This will most likely become a tarot deck but we haven’t ruled out potentially creating our first oracle deck. We wanted to share a few of the cards as they’re being created.

This project has been added to Bethalynne’s card blog Attic Cartomancy. There’s more information about the deck and its progress.

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