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Somerset Digital Studios Autumn Issue So much has been going on that we weren’t able to fully celebrate Bethalynne’s second appearance in Somerset Digital Studio magazine! This was a full tutorial spread featuring her The Black Cat and Poisoned Tea Society artwork for their autumn issue. The spread was gorgeous! And despite her being a bundle of nerves when she asked me to proof read the article a dozen times before offering them her final submission, it was a well written article -all bias aside of course.

This particular collection marked a very special moment in Bethalynne’s art career as it was the first time she had access to a professional photographer, models and a stylist that she was able to direct as she wanted to. Bethie has a long career in commercial art where she’s presented with photographs and directed as to how they’re to be finished in a work for hire environment. She’s also had a vintage fairy art project she did years back with friends where they worked on photographs specific to her project. Hands on directing proved very different.

The Black Cat and Poisoned Tea Society is a series of surreal portraits that takes the damsels in fairy tales and presents them in the same strong (perhaps a little threatening as these are no kittens) and visual light as the villains typically are. Brides who are wronged plays a big part in some of the older fairy tales and in the beginning the series was simply called The Brides to shows those wronged brides the moment after they got their vindication.

The series of images are very strong and unique –I always thought– due to the striking poses of the models. The models, Rachel and Audria, are apart of our local burlesques scene, but both are also noted Butoh performers. When being photographed they were asked to perform this strange style of dance as the photographer snapped photos. The results were very striking poses that offered to the surreal nature of the final images. The images themselves are a combination of traditional illustration placed over top of the original photographs and digital painting that is very much Bethie’s calling card.

The autumn issue of Somerset Digital Studio has some incredibly beautiful collections that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes. So I recommend you check it out! You can pick up a copy and see a preview at this link. You can see the full “Brides” collection on our shoppe site here. I couldn’t end this without a blast from the past either. Below are samples of The Isidore Tarot’s first feature in the magazine this past spring. That can also be found on their site in the archives section. —Mira




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