New Designs

The Attic Shoppe Trading Company - Death - By BajemaInsomnia is a bit of a bugbear. Being sleepy but unable to sleep I do believe is actually a small room off of the first level of hell. On one hand you’re awake for all those extra hours! On the other hand your brain is not working well enough to properly focus on important things. I tend to collage when my brain turns into silly putty. A wonderfully creative outlet while at the same time occupying the brain without having to force too many sparks to between nodes.

As always, in times past, when things have been a tad overwhelming and nerves get set on edge, I’ve been working on some new images. They’re much like the Halloween Tarot collages as they’re old paintings lovingly clipped like quilt pieces and stitched back together. I’m focusing on Waterhouse and his lovely women. What will come of them I’m not sure at the moment. I shared this one on Facebook and have already been asked to continue on the theme for another deck, but I need a little tarot break for the moment. Also, I’m working out the idea with someone of creating a collectible set of playing cards for an event this summer. There is the matter of getting my house in order as well. But in the middle of the night, while I can’t sleep but can’t hold a thought either, it is a nice distraction.

This lovely, goth-tastic woman would have to be the Death card if she were in a tarot though. The idea behind the collage is based on my love of creating over the top, Marie Antoinette head pieces. There is also a wonderful tradition in older Asian costumes that features elaborate head pieces. I just want to start at the hairline and let it all build to something terrifying to think of balancing. From Beth’s Blog