Happy New Year!

May we be the first to wish you a very happy new year! Our new year is starting out a bit better this year than last year and we’re hoping that this continues to be norm for us. So now a few updates:

— New Site: Our regular visitors will have noticed that we have a new site design. We’re hoping this more simple and streamlined design will make moving through our website easier and improve your shopping experience. We’re still getting various portions of the site updated and these updates will probably be going on to the end of January. We’ve taken down a variety of our products while we update and get caught up on orders from the end of the year. Speaking of which…

— Halloween Decks: Our Halloween Tarot decks were delayed in being shipped. There are a few different reasons but mainly it took us longer than expected to get the books and the cards themselves were shipped to our old home and had to be re-shipped to our new home. We have shipped out all of the decks from our pre-sale. As of this writing we have two of each version of the deck ready to ship immediately. When those are gone we’ll be temporarily sold out until our next shipment of books arrive. We can’t buy books in bulk so they are the one item that takes longer to get to us.

— New Shipping Details: For the time being we’re keeping our available items limited to about two items at any given time. The individual product pages will note what we have in stock. We love that our items are popular but we’re still a small shoppe and with our new location things have changed a bit and I want to make sure we don’t get overwhelmed with orders and have delays as we did with the Halloween decks. We are stressing our 2 to 3 weeks for delivery times. We always try to get things out there quicker but at the moment I’m still getting our workshop back in order as well as getting a new routine back in place. And not getting lost when going to the new post office! 😉 But seriously, getting organized while a rather chaotic bit of life is going on has been a trick.

— What Move? Well, towards the end of last year we moved from Michigan to Ohio to be closer to my husband’s family. We lost his father to cancer this past September and things here are still very much a time of mourning and acclimating to a new home and studio. The holidays have been especially challenging. So we’re trying to keep things together and still look towards a promising new year.

I apologize again for the delay in the shipping the Halloween decks. I’m very pleased that, despite that temporary hiccup, response to the decks has been wonderful. I love all of our decks but some (don’t tell the decks) I like better than others and the Halloween Tarot is especially beautiful. The coloring of the cards is very vibrant and the style of the cards is wonderfully dark and wicked while still being romantic, if you can imagine. The books are gorgeous and the packaging is some of our best. Yup, I’m going to be that bold about how pleased I am with the final deck. We’re working on videos of each deck so our potential customers can get a better look at the decks in use and see these details.

So that is our first posting of the year! We should have some wonderful little things to offer here and there as we move through winter. One of the perks of having to pick up an entire studio is the sorting process and finding a variety of items we didn’t realize we had. We’ll start posting those things through the month as time permits. Again, have a wonderful new year and thank you for visiting our Attic!