Conception Box Purse featuring the Steampunk Artwork of Myke Amend

May we introduce you to our one of a kind Conception box purse featuring steampunk artist Myke Amend’s wonderful mechanical dragonfly & nymph! This box purse can be used as an interesting and non-typical purse or as a decorative storage box. It measures 7″ x 7″ x 4″ in size and is made of sturdy plastic. The artwork is featured on the outside of the box and treated with a heavy, water-proofing & protective acrylic covering spray. Boxes are aired out for two weeks to avoid any chemical smells from the finishing spray. The interior is lined and comes filled with a complimentary 4″ x 6″ mini-print collection of Myke’s artwork. Our boxes are hand decorated which makes each of them different and they do have minor imperfections that add to their OOAK charm. This is a unique accessory for any purse fan and makes a wonderful gift. *This item only ships to destinations in the United States. We can’t take out of the US orders at the moment.

Myke Amend's Conception

This box purse features the steampunk inspired artwork piece “Conception” by Myke Amend. You can see more of his work by visiting his website:

Conception Box Purse Conception Box Purse

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