The Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society

The Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society by Bethalynne Bajema
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The Black Cat & Poisoned Society by Bethalynne Bajema

The Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society artwork is done in the tradition of dark fairy tales, this time giving the heroine the aggressive appearance normally reserved for the villain. This collection was created in 2010. Complete credits are listed below. Typically we offer this artwork as metallic prints, which brings out all of the vivid and sharp colors of the original artwork. We have no prints available at this time but will offer them again in the near future. In the meantime this collection with tutorial was featured in Somerset Digital Studio’s 2015 autumn issue. Our Poisoned Bride is also the cover for Abney Park’s role-playing book Under the Lamplight, Neo Victorian Source-Book. Please support other wonderful creative outlets by checking out those links! *Below are a few photographs from the original photo-shoot, which was much fun!

The Brides The Brides The Brides
The Brides The Brides The Brides

Artwork presented here is copyright Bethalynne Bajema, All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction in any form is prohibited without written permission.

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* is listed on many of our items. This was the original website for Etta Diem’s Attic Shoppe, both our
original shoppe name as well as a character in Bethalynne’s fiction. You will see this name pop up a lot for us. 😉

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