The J.J. Grandville Collage Spirit Board

The J.J. Grandville Collage spirit board is one of our very first designs as well as being one of our most popular. It takes a variety of Grandville’s whimsical illustrations and re-imagines them in a homage to the original Ouija board design. In our design the gatekeeper and his familiar stand at the doorway between the seen and unseen worlds, ready to knock on the door and see who answers. At his side are his two protectors, ready to keep at bay anything that should remain closed behind the door. Scroll down for more info.

COST: Varies | Seasonal Item Sold in the Autumn


This design is handmade by shoppe artist Myke, who uses Bethalynne’s grandfather’s workshop for his woodworking and we’re fairly sure granddad’s ghost pays a visit there now and then to oversee his progress.

Our main J.J. Grandville board is a larger limited edition pictured with this listing. This is an edition of 13 13.5 x 10 inch boards, with an art print mounted on a auburn tan stained 1.5 inch oak board. Each board is coated in a thick varnish and covered in wax for a smooth surface for easy gliding of the planchette. It comes with a cloth wrap and matching pouch for the planchette. We make this larger board only by request. There are only three left in this limited edition to be requested.

We also have a smaller, 8 x 10 inch open edition of the board that makes a wonderful Halloween display, or just something that spooky types might like for their equally spooky decor. We have two versions: The first version is an art print mounted on board with varnish covering. The second version is with the design stained into the wood. This one is more natural looking and comes stained with varnish covering. Both have a wee sized matching planchette. Photographs to come.

This is a seasonal item that we offer throughout the autumn season. Join our mailing list if you’d like to be notified when this board is available again.

Thank you for your interest in our Halloween decor!
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