The Black Ibis Tarot Deck/Book


This is a vibrant and beautiful tarot that features exotic creatures and antique enchanted artifacts. Originally created as a companion piece to a graphic novel. You can see all of the card artwork here. Or scroll down to learn more about the deck.

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ABOUT THIS DECK: The Black Ibis Tarot is our second tarot deck and somewhat eclectic in style. This deck is a companion deck to our first deck the Sepia Stains Tarot and both originated in the Black Ibis graphic novel. In the story the decks are used to play a game that allows for peaceful resolution of disputes in an underground world. The Sepia deck offers character portraits while this deck we tried to recreate scenes from the story. The artwork is done in the style of the graphic novel and features symbolism lightly influenced by the Rider Waite Smith deck, at least as far as the major arcana goes. The minor arcana uses pips and characters from propaganda posters from the graphic novel.

DECK DETAILS: The cards are 2.75″ x 4.75″ in size. They’re printed on 300gsm card-stock that is sturdy and has a smooth finish. Cards have a blue core that helps prevent transparency of the card so both sides feature brilliant colors. They’re very easy to shuffle and good for everyday use. This version includes just the book and deck, with a few mini prints of shoppe artwork as our thank you for adopting our deck. You can see all of the card artwork here.

DECK AVAILABILITY: Our more popular decks are sold through time sensitive sales throughout the year. Currently this deck’s last sale is over. You can see a schedule of all upcoming sale dates here. Or join our mailing list for shoppe updates.

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The Black Ibis Tarot Third Edition 2018

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